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Small Business Finance (TBA01)

Small businesses are the veins and arteries of the economy. Millions of imaginative, hardworking and self-motivated individuals respond creatively to the demands of the economy in the respective countries we come from.

The financial services industry’s ability to serve the small business world is crucial in ensuring the continued success for any economy. But serving the community requires considerable and specific skills, as well as an instinct for this business. It also requires an understanding of how technology and innovation can be used to succeed in this fierce competition for the business of the small customer.

Where banks are failing small businesses today, new forms of financing support are coming in to take the place of traditional players. More important than selling credit, banks have to learn how to sell a sense of community and mutual support.

This training is designed to be carried out digitally for the benefit of your promising employees in this business.
  • Welcome to the Small Business Finance Programme
  • Introduction of the programme
  • Unit 1
  • Introduction to Small Business Finance
  • UNIT 2
  • Why is small business different to corporate and commercial entities?
  • Solution of Working Capital Example
  • Homework Excersice - Mahmoud & Sons
  • Mahmoud & Sons Solution
  • Mahmoud and Sons - Solution
  • Unit 3
  • Understanding the basics of Small Business Finance
  • UNIT 4
  • Setting the small business lending processes right
  • UNIT 5
  • Building a credit control culture that is unique to your bank
  • UNIT 6
  • Managing potential and actual default by small business borrowers
  • UNIT 7
  • How environmental issues can harm or enhance your portfolio?
  • UNIT 8
  • Developing and implementing new products and marketing approaches
  • UNIT 9
  • Nothing stays the same: How change can harm or enhance your portfolio?
  • UNIT 10
  • Putting this into practice: Setting your Fl up to succeed in SME finance
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever